US Macro

US Macro

Watching the close of the financial markets early Saturday morning (Sydney time), we were thinking that this FX UPDATE would be discussing a change in leadership in Turkey and how that would impact the rest of the Eurozone economics…….tanks in Istanbul, helicopters strafing government buildings; it all sounded pretty grim for Mr Ergodan’s government.   

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As it turned out, the coup failed and order has been restored in Turkey, for now.

However, there are several other data points in the Eurozone this week which will drive trade flow in the Euro and other G-7 currency pairs. The three events that FX traders will be following are; the German ZEW data on Tuesday, the German PPI report on Wednesday and the ECB meeting and rate decision on Thursday.

The preliminary forecast for the ZEW is for a sharp fall in business sentiment from 19 to 8. This is one of the first post-Brexit readings and would represent the weakest number of the year. Wednesday’s German PPI data is expected to fall from .4% to .2%. With this series, it’s not so much the actually number but the direction of the trend. German inflation was in negative territory earlier this year and turn back to a negative trajectory is worrisome for the ECB.


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