Buy Westfield 5% cash flow for 4 months

We’re adding WFD.ASX to the model portfolio as an income trade. Buying today at $10.55 and selling an $11 November call option. A combination of the $0.18 August dividend and the $0.32 for the call option, generates approximately 5% cash flow for 4 months exposure.   If exercised, the return increase to almost 10%.

Author: Leon Hinde

Leon has been working in the financial services industry for 18 years in management and advisory roles. Leon has extensive experience in general advice and dealings involving securities and derivative financial products.

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PS 146 Securities & Derivatives, ADA 1 & 2 accreditation, Responsible Manager Certificate. Leon is authorised to provide financial product advice and deal with respect to the following financial products:

· Deposit Products
· Securities
· Derivatives
· Interest in managed investment schemes; and
· Government debentures, bonds and stocks